We support leaders and organizations who define, measure, and deliver change.

We understand what innovation needs.

New ideas need financing, time, a willingness to fail, and a determination to learn through listening and critical thinking. We tolerate risk in proportion to potential reward. We are patient when it comes to breakthroughs. We work with our partners to pilot ideas, assess impact, and scale success. (Example: Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program.)

We invest in rigorous analysis and learning.

Data led us to invest in the ripple effect of girls’ education and guides our decision-making. But data is only as good as its use. We seek smart plans, constant self-assessment, course-correction when necessary, and measurable results that deliver impact – and lead to continuous improvements. (Example: J-PAL’s Post-Primary Education Initiative.)

We believe in expertise.

We rely on the due diligence of our funding partners and on their long-held knowledge of social change. We look to those with local insights, the kind gained from lived experience. And we support leaders who translate expertise into proven transformation. We invest in their wisdom – so they can create the solutions. (Example: The Global Fund for Children.)

We aim for system change.

We believe educating girls delivers long-term, sustainable improvement in people’s lives. In other words: system change. What girls’ education needs will change over time, so our priorities will too. We simply seek to move girls’ education to its next horizon. (Example: Echidna Global Scholars Program.)